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February - November 2023
Homesteading 101 Workshop Series
February 4 Tools & Equipment - Intro to the Basic tools needed to help make your life easier while digging, trimming, hauling, etc.
​Mike Mastrangelo

March 4 Tree Care - Care and Pruning, Intro to Chainsaw, felling trees, cutting wood
Jamie Byron

April 1 Fire & Wood - Fundamentals of firewood and fire craft, types of wood for burning
Jason Drevenak

May 6 Growing Basics - Gardening Basics for Growing Your Own food and Medicine
Hillary Banachowski

June 3 Animals - Animal care, animal purpose, i.e. food, land maintenance, etc. (Location: Sharpsburg, MD)
Jamie Byron

July 1 Pest Control - Insects, animals, types of barriers, chemical vs organic
Lorree Probert

August 5 Off Grid vs On Grid - Solar Energy, Well Water
Jesse M.

September 7 Preserving Your Crop - Canning, Dehydrating, Freezing, Cellaring
Melissa Mastrangelo

October 2 Foraging - Mushrooms, Tree Nuts
Lorree Probert

November 4 Tool & Equipment Maintenance - Sharpening, Storage, Fuel/Oil/Chemical storage & Disposal 
(Location TBD)
Mike Mastrangelo
New to homesteading or land ownership? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be more self-sustaining – whatever that means to you – but didn’t know where to start. This 10-session series will introduce you to the basics: from the using tools/equipment to make your life easier to growing your crops to building basic structures. Be aware that these will be hands-on active workshops! You will be getting dirty, building, planting, foraging.  Feel free to bring your own tools if you have them. 

Why can I teach homesteading? Well, I’ve been living this life for the past two years and can provide my first-hand, real-life experiences and perspective. I’m also bringing in my friends – my “extended family” – who helped and taught me. When I asked or they saw me floundering they showed up; they gave me knowledge and skills to sustain my homestead and have agreed to share with you.  

Is homesteading a simpler life? Sometimes. Healthier? Mostly. It’s certainly a lot more work than most people realize. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The payoff is SO worth the effort! However: you can never forget that Mother Nature is truly in charge; you must always be prepared, both for almost anything and to accept that She’ll provide for you if treat Her with respect. 

I’ve designed these 10 sessions to provide a foundation to get you started and get you thinking. You can sign up for individual classes at $57/class or enroll in the entire 10 sessions for $470 and save $100. There will be no more than 12 students in each class. Sessions will be held one Saturday a month and last 4 hours depending on the topic. Some sessions may be held at other locations TBD.

If your interest is piqued and you would like to register for one, two, or all of the sessions please click here to register.

Please use a valid email address as you will receive a PayPal invoice that you can pay with any credit/debit card or PayPal.

Note:  Attached above is the flyer (green gardener) for the event.  Feel free to print and share or share electronically with friends that may be interested.
SATURDAY, MARCH 4, 2023  10AM- 2PM
Instructor:  Jamie Byron, Arborist
Jamie is an Arborist, Forest Farmer, and Ecological Land Manager based out of Shepherdstown, WV.  In this workshop on Tree Care Jamie will go over pruning methods for fruit trees, basic tree identification, and basic tree care.  

Jamie is GREAT at presenting, and he makes learning fun, we will get hands on with pruning, and also have an introduction into chainsaws. 

Workshop will be held at Native Echoes, 677 Zip Lane, Hedgesville, WV.

Pruning, tree health, soil health, planting, felling, and MORE. . .
Bring Your Own:
pruning Shears, Hand saws, chain saws