Native Echoes
Native Echoes
Home of Roots & Relish
Fledgling Herb Grower

My name is Lisa, welcome to my little piece of heaven.  The small town of Hedgesville, WV, located in Skinners Gap of North Mountain.   Surrounded by trees and nature, its PERFECT! 

I have a place to indulge my passion with plenty of inspiration.   

Native Echoes is where I am growing food and medicinal herbs.  The herbs will be used in my skincare products, so you can't get any more natural than that.  You've heard of "Farm to Table", my products will be "Farm to Jar".  Using the highest quality ingredients is key in maintaining health and healthy skin (note I didn't say "healthy looking").

Roots & Relish is my line of natural skincare.  Helping you feel the love of chemical free body care. Besides moisturizing your skin, my products offer relief from joint pain, bruises, inflammation, minor cuts & abrasions, muscle aches, and the appearance of dark spots and stretch marks. 
  Jump over to the products page and check out my line of soaks and scrubs, butters and lotions, massage oils and salves.

In addition to the natural skincare, I make these FABULOUS pillows. Yes PILLOWS. A work of art. I purposely use quality home décor fabrics, most are upholstery grade, then I embellish them with sparkling brooches, buttons, ribbons and trim. You HAVE to see them. They come in three sizes 20 in, 14 in and 14x28 in.
Use them to dress up your living room or bedroom. You can gift them, or use them as part of your holiday or event décor. Though I wouldn't recommend placing candles around them unless they are flameless .  

I am currently working on a brand -new line of designs which will be ready by summer.

If you are new, take a look around and hopefully you will find something you like.  If you have been here before, check out What's New
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